Klingspor Windpower

Through an exceptional specialization in surface treatment of wind turbine blades, Klingspor Windpower has put together a wide-ranging programme of automated solutions, hand-held equipment and consumables which offer up to 90 percent reduction of the processing time spent on surface preparation.

Klingspor Windpower makes up an excessive source of knowledge of the wind power industry in general and wind turbine blade preparation and finishing in particular.

Klingspor Windpower is the sure and simple way to ensure effective preparation of wind turbine blades. You get a technology which has proven its worth through the preparation of more than 250,000 blades since 1994. You get to share the experience gained and progress made that can reduce operating time by 75% or more. And you get a set-up which will significantly simplify your day-to-day interaction.



Health, safety, environment and quality factors are essential to all operations.



High quality standards of Klingspor Windpower advice and solutions will cut your operation costs significantly.



we offer you several options to significantly reduce both procurement, operating and maintenance costs.