A multibond is an additional coating for coated abrasives which is applied to the size coat of the abrasive in a separate step of production at the end of the production process. When the abrasive is used later on, the multibond ensures a cooler grinding.

Multibond coatings are primarily used on high-quality abrasives used for stainless steel and high-alloy steels.

The multibond creates significantly less friction at the grain points of the abrasive, and therefore a lower temperature, ensuring that the material being processed adheres to the grain point much less and therefore also "vitrifies" the grain much less.Multibond also prevents or significantly reduces the heat-induced discolouration (heat tint) of the tool, which is a typical occurrence during stainless steel grinding.

Klingspor offers a wide selection of coated abrasives designed for processing stainless steel that include a multibond that is optimised for the intended application.

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